Lee Enterprises launches Doorfront Direct magazine delivery


Doorfront Direct, the nation’s largest magazine and catalog delivery network, announced this week that Lee Enterprises, the leading provider of news and information in 77 U.S. markets, has launched weekly magazine delivery in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with plans for other markets under way.

“Strengthening and diversifying our delivery operation is an important part of our strategy,” said John Grove, vice president of consumer services and operations for Lee.  “Delivering magazines and catalogs adds more volume and income to our routes, which is a win/win for everyone,” he added.

“The Lee team is taking a very forward-looking approach, asking at each step how we can scale across multiple properties,” said Randall Brant, executive director for Doorfront Direct, adding, “and the depth of collaboration across their departments has been impressive.”

As an affiliate of Doorfront Direct, the Tulsa World is delivering national monthly magazines to local readers via their home-delivery carrier force, the same independent contractors who deliver the daily newspaper.

“This year we’re bringing in more titles and catalogs to the Doorfront Direct delivery stream, which will increase overall volume for our affiliates and their carriers,” said Brant.

About Lee Enterprises:

Lee Enterprises is a leading provider of high quality, trusted, local news and information. Lee’s robust local and national digital media and advertising platforms are the fastest growing in the industry, attracting more than 44 million unique visitors monthly.  Lee is based in Davenport, Iowa, and its stock is traded on Nasdaq under the symbol LEE.

About Doorfront Direct:

Launched in December 2017, Doorfront Direct, through its affiliates, delivers national monthly magazines and catalogs in more than 60 U.S. markets nationwide. For more information about Doorfront Direct:  Randall Brant, executive director, Doorfront Direct, 310-591-9589, rbrant@doorfrontdirect.com.


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  • NEMOnews

    Good luck to them. I managed Hub Publications' distribution for the Kokomo Tribune in north central Indiana back in the late 1990's. Besides a number of magazines titles and our TMC, we also delivered product samples. Magazines were the biggest problem. By the time we received them to distribute, they were already on store shelves, so subscribers knew they were late. We had to manually bag and label each magazine or combination of magazines going to an address prior to delivery, which slowed it down by another day or two. Combine that with carrier errors, open carrier routes, or rainy days and wet magazines, and there there was no way to satisfy the readers.

    I know it sounds great on paper, but unless things have dramatically changed, it will cause all kinds of headaches. Seriously though, I wish them good luck.

    Tuesday, April 26, 2022 Report this

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