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LifeStreet Media, a leading advertising technology company, today announced that it is working directly with mobile developers for their monetization needs. The company is launching its self-service publisher portal to enable mobile developers to deploy highly effective display ads within their apps. The portal is an extension of the company's industry-leading self-service social monetization portal currently used by more than 3500 Facebook developers which has processed much of the $150 million in ad revenue that the company has paid out to developers. Now, regardless of whether developers create Facebook apps or mobile apps, they will be able to almost automatically turn their display inventory into ad revenue and receive payments within 15 days, in a completely self-service way.

Through LifeStreet's mobile self-service publisher portal, mobile developers now gain access to the industry-leading monetization engine, RevJet, which actually increases the value of their ad impressions. RevJet uses "universal object serving" technology to break advertising down into granular revenue-impacting "visual objects" such as text and images and "logical objects" such as ad placements and targeting algorithms. RevJet then deploys those objects into ads and landing pages, which are rapidly created, tested and further optimized until the system creates finely tuned, revenue-maximizing display ads. This process of rapid and perpetual testing and optimization enables LifeStreet to deliver higher payouts to developers and more effective campaigns for advertisers.

"As the long-time leading ad provider for Facebook app developers, LifeStreet is a developer's best friend. We provide developers with excellent monetization and the fastest payments in the industry.  In addition, we believe that developers should get to decide how to run their businesses, whether that means connecting to LifeStreet with an SDK or opting for an easy integration through a leading mediator like MoPub," said Mitchell Weisman, founder and CEO of LifeStreet Media.  "Today, with the launch of our new mobile self-service portal, we hand the monetization power of the RevJet platform directly to mobile developers. Finally, mobile developers truly can make money –- lots of it –- through highly effective display advertising."

The company's mobile self-service publisher portal gives developers the flexibility to choose how to work with LifeStreet: depending on the developers' previous technology investments, they can download LifeStreet's software development kit (SDK) or directly link to the major industry mediators and exchanges. For example, the company directly links to leading mobile ad serving platforms such as MoPub, AdMob and Burstly. Leveraging the simple set up, developers can deploy ads within minutes without modifying their underlying code. This allows developers to focus on their core business -- making great apps -- while quickly and seamlessly monetizing their offerings.

LifeStreet boasts the fastest payouts in the industry, with a net 15 payment period. Net 30 is the industry standard.

LifeStreet's new mobile self-service portal places developers directly in the driver's seat in terms of monetization solutions: they can test everything –- both direct and indirect options -- and see what works best for their business. 

Through a highly limited private beta program introduced earlier this year, 50 mobile app developers have already experienced the RevJet difference. With today's launch, LifeStreet plans to mirror the success achieved by the thousands of Facebook developers benefiting from direct access to RevJet.

According to Pat Toulouse, President of Ratrod Studio, creator of the #6 iOS ranked1 Drift Mania Championship games, "Working with LifeStreet to monetize our mobile apps has been a very positive experience. They deliver top payouts, and the integration process within our proprietary mediation platform was very straightforward. Their customer support has been top notch and very helpful. Being able to access real-time data anytime and getting paid so quickly have been real bonuses."

Jonathan Chew, Analyst with East Side Games Studio, writes that "East Side Games has been using LifeStreet's social publisher portal for almost two years, and we're delighted with the results. We've generated top payouts for our ad inventory, and working with the company has been great. The portal is so easy to use that we've been able to deploy ads onto our sites quickly and easily. Thanks to the customizable reporting function, we can generate real-time reports anytime, allowing us to make changes as necessary to maximize monetization. The portal is so robust that we'd almost never need to talk to an account manager, though it's a nice bonus that when we do want a real person, she responds almost immediately. In short, we've been happy with both the monetization results and the experience of working with LifeStreet. Mobile publishers should be thrilled to be gaining access to this powerful app monetization tool."

The mobile self-service portal also provides the following benefits to app developers:

— 24/7 customer service
— Customizable real-time reporting
— Intuitive user interface

There are nearly two million mobile apps available in the Apple App Store and in Google Play, and many of those apps are free. Advertising is a dominant monetization option for those developers and is the only mainstream option for monetizing users who don't acquire virtual goods or update to paid versions of apps.

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