Magazine analyst: New print-magazine launches more than doubled in 2021


There were 122 new print-magazine launches in 2021, representing a sharp rebound from the 60 that launched last year, and offering hope that print media has a strong — though admittedly more boutique — future, according to Samir Husni, perhaps the world’s foremost expert and advocate for ink-on-paper magazines.

The new launches are overwhelmingly niche-oriented, with low frequencies — quarterly or bimonthly — Husni reported, based on his proprietary tracking method. Husni has been tracking magazine launches annually for 43 years, and this year’s 122 magazines are close to 2019’s 139 and 2017’s 124.

But all three of the recent tallies are far from the industry’s last golden era, in the early days of the commercial internet. In 2000, there were 333 new launches. In 2003, there were 454, and in 2004 Husni’s tally recorded a record number of new launches, with 473.

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