Major Changes for HuffPost as Site Divides into Five Sections

By: E&P Staff The Huffington Post changed and expanded its site today -- dividing its coverage into the five categories of "Politics," "Media," "Business," "Entertainment," and the culture/lifestyle-oriented "Living Now."

Editor-in-Chief/Co-founder Arianna Huffington said "the front page will continue to feature our signature group blog and breaking news stories, but it was clearly no longer big enough" to contain all the content the site wanted to offer.

Each of the five sections has its own "front page" and features breaking news as well as blog posts. The "Politics" section is overseen by Tom Edsall, who wrote for The Washington Post for about 25 years, and includes a shared-content partnership with Josh Marshall and the Talking Points Memo blog.

The May 2005-launched Huffington Post now has nearly 3.5 million unique users (and about 70 million page views) each month, according to co-founder Kenneth Lerer. It also has a growing group of more than 1,000 contributors.

Excerpts from the site are syndicated to newspapers by Tribune Media Services, which also distributes the column by Arianna Huffington that she started years before co-founding The Huffington Post.


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