Man Buys Every Copy of Hometown Paper to Hide Drug Arrest

By: (AP) Jack William Pacheco came up with a plan to keep his neighbors from learning about his recent arrest on suspicion that he possessed methamphetamine -- he snapped up every copy of the local newspaper.

"I have a whole garage full of newspapers," Pacheco said, estimating he bought 500 to 600 copies on Wednesday from gas stations, convenience stores, and coin-operated news racks.

That afternoon, circulation officials at The Chowchilla News discovered there were no copies of the weekly paper for sale anywhere in the city. The paper prints 700 copies a week.

Five hundred additional copies were reprinted Wednesday night and were available Thursday at the newspaper's main office.

Pacheco was arrested Feb. 17 at his Chowchilla home, where authorities say they found methamphetamine, an allegation he denies.

"It's an embarrassment to my family," Pacheco said. "It's an embarrassment to me."

His story appeared on the paper's front page. Despite his efforts, the newspaper still made its way to about 550 home subscribers.

Pacheco said he'll use his hundreds of newspapers to clean his windows and train his new puppy.

Meanwhile, he was released after posting $5,000 bail and will appear in court March 21.


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