Maximizing Media Ad Sales in the New Year


Industry sales guru Ryan Dohrn is the creator of the 360 Ad Sales Training system and is a globally recognized media revenue consultant who has created more than 600 corporate sales strategy programs. To date, he has taught more than 20,000 business professionals how to sell better.

In this segment of E&P Reports, E&P publisher Mike Blinder, who also has a sales consulting background, goes one-on -one with Dohrn to discuss what tactics he would recommend to any media sales rep in order to prosper and win in 2021. Topics discussed include:
· Helping advertisers find the knowledge they lack
· What should ad directors and publishers should know about selling via Zoom
· ”Recommendation selling” as opposed to the dated method of lengthy needs analysis and “open ended questioning”
· How to get “old sales dogs” to embrace new tricks
And lots, lots more!

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