Opinion | Media is playing right into Trump's hands with jury selection as jurors become targets

Sharing minute personal details of people who are being asked nothing more than to perform their civic duty is low-brow, at best


A number of media outlets covering Donald Trump’s Manhattan criminal trial are playing right into the former president’s manipulative little hands, effectively assisting him with juror intimidation.

In real-time, specific details about prospective jurors are being blasted out on social media and on news networks — neighborhood names, marital status, job titles, things they like to do in their free time.

The result, as of Thursday morning, is one seated juror saying she couldn’t proceed out of fear her identity had been compromised.

On Tuesday, Fox News lunkhead Jesse Watters was spitting out details on jurors who had been seated. Speaking of juror No. 2, he said she gets her news from CNN and The New York Times and added: “This nurse scares me if I’m Trump. Goodbye.”

That same juror told the court Thursday morning: “Aspects of my identity have already been out there in public. Yesterday alone, I had friends and family push things to me. I don't think at this point that I can be fair and unbiased.”

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