MediaNews Group Interactive to Use TACODA on its Web Sites

By: E&P Staff MediaNews Group Interactive has signed on to use TACODA, an audience-management and behavioral targeting software, on the Web sites of its 50 daily newspapers, including The Denver Post, The Los Angeles Daily News, and The Oakland (Calif.) Tribune.

"TACODA provides us with the ability to reach targeted audiences for significant incremental revenue opportunities across our network of sites," Eric Grilly, President of MediaNews Group Interactive, said in a statement.

TACODA's audience-management services allow web publishers to create profiles of site visitors that can be sorted into demographic-based profiles and contain information that is useful for advertisers. Eventually, the company will be able to reach users with ads anywhere they go on any MediaNews Group site.

"We are pleased to work with one of the finest newspaper companies in the nation," TACODA CEO Dave Morgan said in a statement. "Our first step will be to identify and process MNGi's traffic into advertiser-valued segments, then quickly serve behaviorally targeted ads. As MNGi implements a registration system, we will help synch that non-personally-identifiable data with behavioral information for even more precise targeting."


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