Metro Launches Integrated Bloggers' Tools and Payment Service

By: E&P Staff Metro Nordic, part of Metro International, which publishes editions worldwide in 19 languages, launched this week in Sweden a new service that automatically puts qualified bloggers on the company's payroll, integrating blog-creation tools with a complete solution for commission payments for the first time.

When bloggers achieve the requisite numbers of page views per month, a bank account is automatically created and a MasterCard sent to the author. The newspaper pays social security fees, and withholds income tax to make the service easy and safe for bloggers to capitalize on their skills.

Material from the best of the blogs can be editorially selected for publishing in the nationwide edition of Metro Sweden, and on, allowing writers to reach more than a million readers.

The new arrangement is made possible by Polopoly's Community Module. The Stockholm-based content-management system developer said its system provides a "fully integrated platform for publishing and managing dynamic content on a massive scale," with no limit to the number of blogs or bloggers it handles.

"We chose Polopoly because we trust the system," Mattias Nyman, Business Director Online Metro Sverige, said in a statement. "Polopoly's Community Module demanded little development, allowing us to quickly create the platform."

Polopoly has customer sites throughout Scandinavia, as well as the British Banker's Association and University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom.


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