Monetize local articles by selling worldwide on a revolutionary marketplace


How much could your newspaper make in new revenue from selling quality articles to an international audience?

$30,000 to $80,000 per 1,000 articles, according to Axel Breuer, CEO of Berlin-based startup Journexx, the first international publishers-only content marketplace, Co-founded by Breuer, Andrej Becker, CPO; Felix Seeberg, CTO; and Franko Melisch, COO.

The I.T. team developed the technical secret sauce necessary for global licensing, AI-enabled, self-learning per-story pricing that takes into account 70 factors from trend indicators like Reuters, Google Trends and many more.

Automated translation with a preview mode is also state of the art via integration with DeepL.com/translator with an accuracy of over 85 percent, compared to Google Translate at 30 percent.

The platform is free, revenue share-only, and easy to use. "All you need is to upload the content, and the platform does the rest," Breuer said.

The 2022 roll-out has onboarded several major magazines and newspapers, demonstrating a worldwide appetite for locally sourced news. Journexx is now in contact with major newspapers in the U.S., opening the platform to new publishers in July 2022. U.S. buyers and sellers can already register at journexx.com/register/contact

So, what counts as internationally valuable local news? When the hometown soccer star joins an international team, a local mathematician wins a Nobel prize, or a crisis such as a mass shooting or an environmental disaster unfolds, any town can sell content it may not even realize has international demand.

"Any given day, editors from all over the world suddenly need content about a local event. Your local or regional newspaper might have exactly what the world needs. With Journexx, they can sell it and do not have to care about languages, contracts or pricing, " Breuer explains.

The most sophisticated engine on Journexx is the price algorithm. It determines the price of any article on the platform and adapts the prices to trends and the buyer's buying power. "An editor in Egypt might want to buy your article, but they have less budget than a Swiss publisher. The algorithm optimizes for marketability," adds Breuer.

About 150 of every 1,000 articles regularly sell, with early research showing that 20 are sold once, 30 twice, 40 up to 5 times, and 50 'took-off' and sold more than 10 times a year.

The commission for Journexx on any sale ranges from 15% to 45%. There are no initial or recurring costs for publishers – using the platform features with upload, translation, pricing, curation and offering it in 270 countries is free. Payments are via PayPal, which provides a variety of currency options.

A simple dashboard tracks sales and trends. Due to its simplicity, syndication divisions of major publishing houses are already using the platform for their back-end.

"Your newspaper is like the stock exchange, you can upload all your content, and the marketplace determines the price per story," said Breuer.

"Google is making all the money from your local site. Let's end this. Journexx empowers newspapers to monetize content by selling it directly worldwide." 


For more info contact:

Axel Breuer, CEO

Phone: +49 176 70407273

Email: axel.breuer@journexx.com

Website: https://journexx.com

Global trading platform for journalism Journexx has released a video detailing how trading content works with AI. Watch the video: https://youtu.be/zQZc0oqBAPE

The first independent trading platform for journalism with automatic translation and content price algorithms has opened its portal for publishers to register.

Publishers can start to become sellers of their archive content, follow this link to begin: https://www.journexx.com/register/contact