Morris will retain Stauffer Media p. 27

By: Editorial Staff As part of its acquisition of Stauffer Communications Corp., Morris Communications Corp., Augusta, Ga., will add Stauffer Media Systems, Joplin, Mo., to its existing computer systems businesses.
Two days after the sale was announced late last month (see story p. 21), Stauffer general manager Rockford Smith had received no word "as to the fate of the company" that supplies newspaper production and business systems, electronic text and photo libraries and audiotex systems. Stauffer also operates The Computer Patch, a retail mail order business.
By Aug. 1, however, Morris Communications special projects director David Playford could say his company "absolutely" would preserve Stauffer Media Systems, which he called "a vital part" of Stauffer Communications.
Morris's own systems businesses are the Compudat computer services division for Morris operations and outside customers, and Morris Publishing Systems, which developed the front-end system later sold by Information International Inc. as the TECS/2 by Morris. Morris Publishing continues to support Morris Communications users and outside customers who bought from Morris before triple-I took over marketing and development.
Morris Publishing Systems manager Dan Keaton said no decision had been made on whether Stauffer Media will continue its successful operation as a separate unit or merge with Compudat or Morris Publishing. "We think that Stauffer Media Systems does an excellent job of supporting both their internal . . . and external customers," Keaton said.


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