MURDOCH/DOW JONES LINKS: Ottaways Oppose, Suspicious DJ Stock Trades, 'Wiggle Room' in Offer?

By: E&P Staff Below is some of the reaction from around the Web this to the proposed News Corp. buyout of Dow Jones and the prospect of Rupert Murdoch's ownership of the Wall Street Journal.


-- CJR Daily: Dean Starkman believes Rupert Murdoch's bid spells the end (or the beginning of the end) of Dow Jones.

-- BusinessWeek: Jon Fine responds to Starkman's "journalistic handwringing," saying that it should be clear that Murdoch doesn't want to turn every News Corp. property into Fox News.

-- New York Times: What sort of owner would Murdoch be for the world?s leading financial newspaper?

-- Portfolio: Murdoch's bid seemed to validate the [newspaper] business and its economic value.

-- Los Angeles Times: Analysts viewed the company's newly robust stock price and the somewhat muted rejection as signs that Murdoch, or a competitor, would eventually buy the company that owns the Wall Street Journal.

-- New York Times: First the bid, now the jockeying.

-- New York Times: A deal for Dow Jones & Company could allow thousands of its employees to cash out their stock options for a tidy profit.

-- New York Times: Did word of Murdoch's offer leak out early?

-- Guardian (U.K.): Times of London editor Robert Thomson will discuss News Corporation's bid for Dow Jones when he flies to Calfornia for new media talks with Murdoch.

-- Christian Science Monitor: Rupert Murdoch's bid for Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal underscores tumult in the media industry.

-- Wall Street Journal: Murdoch's hands-on style differs markedly from the traditions of the publisher he now wants to buy.

-- Wall Street Journal: The Bancroft family members opposed to the offer got a boost yesterday when they were told that another large shareholder, the Ottaway family, is firmly opposed to selling to Murdoch.


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