'Naples Daily News' to Palletize with Schur

By: E&P Staff The E.W. Scripps Co. has chosen Schur to supply palletizing equipment for The Naples (Fla.) Daily News' new production facility.

The packaging area will see the first of four palletizing systems arrive in the first quarter of 2009. The equipment is be operating later that year, forming a framework for distribution of the daily and Sunday editions.

Schur will supply a palletizing system of two double cells that in total include four Winrob III palletizers and two PSW stretch wrappers. Each cell will include two palletizers and one stretch wrapper. Complementing the systems will be a complete bundle-conveyor system for maximum flexibility from any tie line to any palletizer.

The fully automatic Winrob III was developed to handle both tied and untied bundles, with a capacity of up to 35 bundles per minute.

Included in the system are six BAL 440 bundle labelers and ROP buffer lanes. The labelers will place a sheet with real-time information on top of the bundles as they exit the stackers. Buffer lanes will allow the press to continue to run during short downstream stoppages.

Palletizing operations will be controlled by the TPS production management system integrated in the overall customer distribution system and interfaced to other supplier's systems.

TPS capabilities include programmed pallet production, pallet addressing and a bundle-tracking system allowing for the tracking of bundles in connection with zoned insert production. It also is, to extract production reports and statistics to help optimize production.


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