New AP Stylebook Appears: 'Boogie' Finally Makes It!

By: E&P Staff "BlackBerry" is in, and "widower" is out. "Hip-hop" finally makes the grade and so does "boogie." It's the 2007 edition of the AP Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law, now available in both print and online versions.

Norm Goldstein, editor of the 2007 version, says in a release that emphasis this year rests on the great functionality offered by subscription-based online access. "The online Stylebook provides searchable, instant access, with constant updates as well as notification of changes," Goldstein says. "It also allows the addition of a user's own entries to create a private stylebook."

The always closely-watched new entries include: African Union; airstrike; BlackBerry; Boogie; carry-on; Chennai; farmers market; female; GPS; headlines; hip-hop; homebuyer, homeowner; intefadah; Islamic holy days; Katmandu; mentally retarded; merger (Business); Mumbai; Swift boat.

Changes and updates include: Baha?i; datelines (Baghdad); daylight saving time; editor-in-chief; European Union; Fatah; Mexico; planets; plurals (Broadcast); RSVP; telephone numbers; U.S. time zones map; track and field (Sports); volleyball (Sports); headlines (Filing the Wire); Hold for Release slugs (Filing the Wire).

Deletions: husband, widower; Internet Search Tips; Laundromat; pupil, student; Serbia-Montenegro; U.S. Court of Military Appeals; Woman?s Christian Temperance Union.

Cost of the spiral-bound book is $17.95 for general orders, with discounts for members of the news cooperative. Go to for details on pricing and ordering.


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