New 'Fitz & Jen' Business Podcast Welcomes Special Guest Rick Edmonds

By: E&P Staff In the newest installment of E&P's "Fitz & Jen Give You the Business" podcast, Editor-at-Large Mark Fitzgerald and Senior Editor Jennifer Saba welcome Poynter media analyst extraordinaire Rick Edmonds.

Edmonds joins Fitz and Jen from Washington D.C., where earlier this week he presented a neat and tidy summary of the current state of newspapers during a FTC workshop. Edmonds is one of the few to ring the alarm that publishers are dangerously close to alienating what readers they have left because of deep cuts in the newsroom and the product. The risk is real, and the consequences are severe.

However, there is hope, he says. Edmonds believes ad revenue will eventually climb to positive growth for newspapers.

Listen now, here.


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