New Photog Challenges Peter Parker at 'Daily Bugle'

By: E&P Staff By now we know that the Web is challenging print for supremacy -- and now this.

The latest "Spiderman" sequel, opening Friday, introduces a new rival at the Daily Bugle for young photographer Peter Parker (Toby McGuire), aka Spiderman.

It's Eddie Brock, an ambitious and scheming freelance photographer who wants the steady Daily Bugle work that Parker is getting. By the way, the paper is undergoing an exciting re-design.

Topher Grace, who plays him, pointed out in a recent interview with Stephen Schaefer of the Boston Herald, that he is hardly the Eddie Brock comic fans know. "The comic-book Eddie is much older than me and kind of really muscle-bound," he said. "Even though I worked out for, like, six months, I could never get to where he was in the comic....

"In the film we work at the same place; we?re after the same girl. And then something else that I loved was that Eddie has the edge at the beginning, which is weird. Everything is rolling his way. He?s a better photographer, and he dresses better, and he?s kind of more of a flirt.

"But which is so often the case, if someone has it all on the exterior, he?s probably hiding a very shallow interior. Although Peter might not have as polished an exterior as Eddie, he has a very solid core. So it showed two people who were very similar and who ultimately are totally opposite."


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