New York City daily for women becomes weekly p.

By: Editorial Staff HER NEW YORK survived three weeks as the first daily newspaper for women before scaling back to a weekly newspaper for women.
The announcement came a week after Marcia Cohen resigned as editor in chief.
Publisher Steven Hoffenberg, who heads a company that buys uncollected debts, started Her New York Oct. 1. He ran the New York Post for a couple of weeks earlier this year before a Securities and Exchange Commission lawsuit dashed his takeover.
Hoffenberg said the weekly Her New York will cost $1, up from the 50-cent daily version; will be bigger, with 80 pages or more, compared with 56 daily; and will have beefed-up feature sections.
Hoffenberg said he wants women who buy supermarket tabloids to buy his paper.
Printed by the Record, Bergen County, N.J., the weekly will hit the newsstands Thursday nights.
With 40 ad pages booked for its weekly debut Oct. 28, "We think we're at the point of breaking even as a weekly," Hoffenberg said.
He added that he believes that there is a market for a daily newspaper for women ? but he doesn't want to take the financial battering necessary to prove it.


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