News Corp. to Pull Content from Google, Others

By: E&P Staff Rupert Murdoch is not going to suffer what he calls "content kleptomaniacs" much longer, specifically addressing Google, Microsoft and

The Chairman of News Corp. said in an interview with Sky News Australia (reported here in MediaWeek U.K.) that once the newspapers get their paywalls, News Corp. plans to pull its content from the likes of Google and others.

Murdoch said: "We'd rather have fewer people come to the Web site and pay. Consumers shouldn't have had free news all the time -- I think we've been asleep. It costs us a lot of money to put together good newspapers and good content. No news Web sites anywhere in the world are making large amounts of money."

There is still no word on the time frame of when News Corp. will start charging for content. The Wall Street Journal currently charges for some of it content but crawlers from Google, for example, can find the "locked" articles ensuring they come up in search results.


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