News Media Alliance Debuts 'How To' Series Aimed at Helping News Producers


This January, the News Media Alliance kicked off the new year with a “How To” series to inform publishers and reporters about interesting and innovative techniques that are being utilized.

The series, which can be found at, covers advertising topics such as how to create branded content, as well as how to use virtual reality and augmented reality for ads. Readers can also expect posts on how to use Twitter to increase your digital presence and how to create a journalist’s personal brand.

Jennifer Peters

“I think the biggest difference between the Alliance how-to series and others out there is that I’m coming at this not only as someone in the industry, but as someone who consumes news,” said Jennifer Peters, Alliance trends and insights reporter. “I’ve been reaching out to people across the industry—and outside of it, for our explainer series—and trying to get a diverse range of voices to tell me what they’re doing and how they’re doing it.”

The series could last all year if readers submit topics they’d like to see covered, according to Peters

“I’m hoping it can because that would be a lot of fun for me, personally, but we’ll see what happens,” she said.

To submit ideas, email Peters at or tweet her at @editrixjen.

News Media Alliance


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