Newsguard downgrades credibility scores for New York Times, GB News and Daily Star


News publisher rating company Newsguard has downgraded its credibility score for The New York Times, removing the perfect rating the title held since Newsguard first launched in 2018.

GB News and the Daily Star have also lost points and others – including Fox News, MSNBC and Mail Online – have had their previous drops reaffirmed.

GB News told Press Gazette that Newsguard is a “commercial outfit seeking to profit from self-created criteria and wholly untested methods”.

Following the New York Times ratings update, Press Gazette looked at a selection of 84 leading English language news websites and found nearly half have perfect scores and three-quarters had a score above 80 out of the maximum 100 (see full list below).

Seven websites had scores below 60, which Newsguard previously used as the minimum passing score to be considered a generally credible publisher.

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