'Newsprint': A new feature revealing what subscribers loved most

The interactive feature showcases a shareable summary of a subscriber’s top journalism engagement


The Washington Post today launched “Newsprint,” a personalized interactive feature presenting a subscriber’s most read news topics, journalists and stories from the past year. This new feature builds on The Post’s continued experimentation with tailoring experiences based on a subscriber’s identified interests. “We are relentlessly focused on a subscriber’s relationship with The Post at an individual level,” said Michael Ribero, chief subscriptions officer at The Washington Post. “This new subscriber experience is an opportunity to strengthen that relationship, showcasing the value that The Post provides and reminds them what they’ve loved the most so they remain a loyal reader.”

The feature displays a range of personalized insights about a subscriber’s past news interests including how subscribers’ reading habits compare to others. To start, some subscribers will receive an email linking to their personalized “Newsprint” for a summary of their ‘year in news.’ “Our readers have limited time to consume news,” said Jessica Gilbert, head of product at The Washington Post. “Newsprint, our artificial intelligence-powered experience, shows our subscribers where they want to go — building on the topics they identified and who they read the most, while also helping them discover other stories they might have missed or new journalists to follow.”

Readers will also see a ranking of the content they consume the most — whether its global news, politics, health and wellness or sports. In addition, subscribers can share snapshots of their results on social media.

For more information, visit: https://www.washingtonpost.com/my-post/newsprint


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