N.J. Paper Endorses Governor, But Admits He's Not The Best Candidate

By: Joe Strupp The Gloucester County Times of Woodbury, N.J., has endorsed incumbent Gov. Jon Corzine for re-election Tuesday. But it makes clear in the endorsement that editors do not think Corzine is the best candidate in the race.

The editorial backing Corzine in Sunday's paper is about as unsupportive as an endorsement can be stating: "In all probability, the strongest of the three main candidates for governor of New Jersey cannot win. That candidate would be independent Chris Daggett, who has run both an admirable and credible campaign."

It also adds, "Corzine's failed policies or, perhaps more often, his failure to follow through on some good policies promise more of the same."

But, noting Daggett's poll numbers give him little chance of winning, the editorial goes on to state: "If you want to pick between the two possible winners Tuesday, we're recommending Corzine over [Republican Chris] Christie. Either way, don't expect miracles on your real-estate tax bill."

The Times is one of Advance Publications' New Jersey dailies, which include The Star-Ledger of Newark that endorsed Daggett.

The entire Times editorial is here.


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