NNA Survey Touts Community Newspaper Readership at 81%

By: Joe Strupp A new National Newspaper Association survey found that 81% of respondents read a local weekly paper each week, 73% read "most or all of it," and those readers spend an average of 40 minutes with the paper.

The NNA survey, co-sponsored by the Reynolds Journalism Institute at the Missouri School of Journalism, surveyed 500 adults, according to the report. NNA is the national organization for community, or weekly, newspapers.

Among its other findings:

? Readers, on average, share their paper with 2.36 additional readers.

? Nearly 40% keep their community newspaper more than a week.

? Three-quarters of readers read local news "often to very often" in their community newspaper, while 53% say they never read local news online (only 12% say they read local news often to very often online).

? Among those going online for local news, 63% found it on the local newspaper's website, compared to 17% for sites such as Yahoo, MSN or Google, and 12% from the website of a local television station.

? 60% read local education news "somewhat to very often" in their newspaper, while 65% never read local education news online.

? 47% say there are days they read the newspaper as much for the ads as for the news.

? 30% do not have Internet access in the home.


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