Non-Profit, Pure Play Daily Memphian is Making News in Memphis


In Memphis, Tenn., the Daily Memphian just celebrated its second anniversary. The website currently boasts more than 14,000 digital-only subscribers each paying an average of $9/month for the content created by a team of more than 45 fulltime and freelance journalists. Plus, they push 20 different email newsletters to the more than 45,000 subscribers they’ve managed to garner in this short time.

But, Eric Barnes, founder and CEO, says even though they list themselves as a non-profit, the culture of this growing enterprise looks and acts just like any successful, aggressive news operation (print based or digital-only) that you would find in any city in the world. Moreover, their formula is not as innovative as you may think--it’s truly serving the community with good journalism.

In this edition of E&P Reports, E&P publisher Mike Blinder goes one-on-one with Barnes to uncover what they are doing to win in a very competitive news market.

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