'NYT' Correction: The Obamas Did Not Have a Big Fight, After All

By: E&P Staff What a difference a couple of little letters can make. In a front-page article on Thursday profiling Michelle Obama, New York Times reporters Jodi Kantor and Jeff Zeleny covered the tensions and aftermath surrounding the decision by her husband, Sen. BarackObama, to seek the presidency. The climax came in a fairly explosive quote, with a friend of the pair revealing that the couple had "fought long and hard about this decision before they made it.?

One problem: apparently the friend said "thought," not "fought."

The full correction -- it's not known if the interview was taped or why the Times changed its mind -- that ran on Saturday declares:

"A front-page article yesterday about the role that Barack Obama?s wife, Michelle, is playing in his presidential campaign rendered incorrectly a word in a quotation from Valerie Jarrett, a friend of the Obamas who commented on their decision that he would run. She said in a telephone interview, 'Barack and Michelle thought long and hard about this decision before they made it' ? not that they 'fought' long and hard."


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