'NYT' Headline of the Week: 'Is Your Car Gay?'

By: E&P Staff As if we didn't have enough to worry about, The New York Times today in a Styles articles made everyone aware that our sexual orientation is being judged, or decided, on the type of car we drive.

Who knew that piloting a Mazda Miata convertible suggests that you are gay? Two men in a Mini Cooper --"a gay cliche." Or that lesbians give themselves away by driving Subaru Outback station wagons?

It's all true, as reporter Alex Williams makes clear. While asserting that, of course, no car is inherently "straight or gay," Williams notes (and feeds) the perception that cars can "be statements" about sexual orientation.

Someone named Ramone Johnson even compiles an annual "Top 10 Gay Cars" lists for about.com. What makes for a gay man's car? "Soft lines" and a "vibrant personality." A professor, Judith Halberstam, says she drives a black Mazda3 hatchback which she considers "butch."

The article comes with a 2001 ad, featuring Martina Navratilova, for Subaru, allegedly known to some as "Lesbaru."


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