'NYT' Partners with Samsung to Offer Netbook Discount

By: E&P Staff The New York Times has teamed up with Samsung to provide a discount for the electronic maker's netbook in exchange for a one-year subscription to Times Reader 2.0. Those who sign up for the offer to subscribe to the digital edition of the New York Times get a $100 discount off the purchase price of a Samsung Go netbook. A one-year subscription to the Times Reader costs $179.40.

The digital edition comes pre-installed on the netbook, offered exclusively through J&R Music and Computer World until March. The Go netbook is priced at $419.99. J&R is offering it for a sale price of $379.99. After the discount is applied, a Times Reader subscriber could get the netbook for $279.99.

"Offering Times Reader with the Samsung Go makes it possible to enjoy our next generation news reader application on a sleek, premium netbook," Yasmin Namini, New York Times senior vice president/marketing and circulation, said in a statement. "This is a great value for consumers, especially with the holiday season approaching."

Samsung's Go weighs 2.8 pounds, has a keyboard with larger than average spacing, and a LED-backlit, scratch resistant display, and a four-hour battery life.

A few other newspapers are considering extending discounts for digital readers in exchange for subscriptions. The Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News plan to offer digital editions of the newspapers on an e-reader from Plastic Logic that the papers may subsidize.


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