Offbeat: A Good Laugh


By: Nu Yang

Offbeat: A Good Laugh

Chad Huculak has been in the journalism industry since 2003. For eight years, he’s worked as a copy editor at the Edmonton Sun in Alberta, Canada. That’s plenty of time to collect material for his comic strip “Journo Junction” (, which shares “the many joys of small town journalism,” according to the website.

Huculak started the comic strip two years ago. “It was based on my many frustrations in the industry,” he said. “It’s also based on other people’s experiences in the newspaper business.” Some of the comics refer to paywalls, newsroom layoffs and other hot topics.

Since launching the site, Huculak said other journalists have told him, “This is just how I feel.” He said his colleagues have even submitted their own stories and ideas for him to use.

Going forward, Huculak plans to update the site on a more regular basis.

He said journalists should be able to laugh at themselves because it makes their lives much easier. “It beats drinking,” he said.


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