Online Providers Join Rush to Web, Add Net Services p.61

By: George Garneau COMPUSERVE, BIDDING TO expand beyond a database for businesses, has started an Internet access service called Sprynet.
It costs $19.95 a month and includes unlimited Internet access through local phone connections. What you don't get ? because CompuServe is censoring ? is access to 200 forums dealing with sex-related topics.
CompuServe added Internet access to its regular service, with 3.5 million customers, last year, and it plans to start an Internet access service for beginners next month.
In related developments, the New York Times reported:
? America Online said its GNN Internet access business is the nation's fastest growing, having added 100,000 customers in the last 90 days.
? AT&T Worldnet Services said it will begin offering Internet access to AT&T's 90 million long-distance customers within the next two months.
? Prodigy announced a test in the New York City area of an Internet access service priced at $1 an hour, with neither minimum nor maximum usage.
? Microsoft Network said it is speeding up plans to offer Internet access worldwide.
? News Corp. disclosed plans to eliminate almost half the 515-person staff of its online service News Corp. Internet. The move came a week after MCI Communications announced a plan to reduce its 50% ownership in the service, and instead to support the competing online service of Microsoft Corp.


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