POLITICO announces two additions to Politics team and one new White House team member


Announcement from Deputy Managing Editor for Politics, Sam Stein:

Politics. Policy. Power. These are the three pillars at the heart of POLITICO.

Since its inception, POLITICO has defined itself as the go-to outlet for national reporting on those pillars. We obsess about them. And our readers do too.

And so, as we chart out our plans for the 2024 cycle, we could not be more thrilled to announce three terrific additions — one to our White House team and two to our politics team — that will further cement our publication as the industry leader in political news.

David Siders is moving from national political correspondent to politics editor.

Sally Goldenberg is moving from New York’s City Hall bureau chief to a role as politics reporter with a focus on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and the ‘24 primary.

Finally, Jen Haberkorn is joining us from the Los Angeles Times. She will be part of our White House team, taking over the critical role of reporting on the administration from the vantage point of policymakers on Capitol Hill.

David has been with us since 2016, starting with California Playbook before turning to the national desk, where he reported on candidates and broader dynamics of the 2020 presidential campaign and last year’s midterms. In that time, he developed a reputation for producing insightful, engaging stories and for having a collegiality that made him one of the newsroom’s most frequent collaborators. His great editorial instincts and penchant for lovely prose are the exact qualities that will make him a huge addition as he moves into an editing role. David lives in Sierra Madre, Calif. But he’ll also be in Washington — and on the campaign trail — regularly. And he will continue to write his “Road Trip” series for our Magazine.

Anyone who follows New York City politics knows what an immense talent Sally is. She’s been with us since 2013, covering everything from city hall, to the Bill de Blasio administration, to real estate. Since 2018, she has served as our City Hall bureau chief, during which time she’s tackled and broken some of the toughest stories, all with a nuanced, thoughtful understanding of how politics and its practitioners work. She has the exact approach and temperament that we want for our 2024 campaign coverage and is already making a mark on the DeSantis beat.

There are few people better suited for the Hill-centered White House role than Jen. She brings to the gig a tremendous depth of knowledge about both branches of government as well as national politics and the nuances of the Biden legislative agenda. Beyond that, she has experience and familiarity with POLITICO, having spent eight years here covering health policy since before we even launched the POLITICO Pro platform. In fact, Jen was present at the first meeting of reporters and editors who would ultimately start Pro. It remade policy journalism and became a key driver of our success. During her first stint at POLITICO, Jen documented the challenges of having a baby while serving in Congressidentified holes in Sen. Bob Casey's "pro-life" stance; and chronicled months of GOP efforts to repeal Obamacare — a cannon of work that ended in a 5 a.m. tick-tock with Burgess and Seung Min Kim.

We could not be more excited about these three additions, all of whom will play immensely important roles in furthering collaboration across the newsroom. Politics. Policy. Power. It’s what we do and David, Sally, and Jen’s body of work reflects those three pillars of POLITIO coverage perfectly.

Jen, David and Sally are starting in their new posts effective immediately. Jen will report to Sam and Eun. David, along with fellow politics editor Kay Steiger, will report to Sam. Please join me in welcoming them.


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