Public Doesn't Believe Jacko Will 'Beat It'

By: E&P Staff They may not be jurors in the case, they may have only heard a small part of the evidence, but Americans have spoken: Michael Jackson is guilty as charged.

Gallup reported today that 70% of Americans "say that the charges against Jackson are probably or definitely true. Just 15% believe they are probably or definitely not true."

Belief in Jackson's guilt in the child molestation case has actually declined a bit since February, when it hit 75%.

Frank Newport, Gallup''s editor in chief, commented: "The average American is not exposed to the testimony on a day-in and day-out basis, so public opinion is based purely on the (often lurid) details of the trial reported in the news. Still, it's interesting to note that if the American public were voting on the guilt or innocence of the pop star, Jackson would be convicted."


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