Punches have been thrown in the first U.S. newspaper strike in two decades


On Sunday, both the Post-Gazette and the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh issued dueling press releases (see below) describing quite different versions of a fight at a newspaper production facility late Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

Here’s what we can suss out. A group of strikers was at the facility, which distributes printed papers to delivery drivers. When isn’t exactly clear; the P-G’s press release says “around 1 a.m.,” the P-G’s news story says “about 11:09 p.m.,” and the guild’s press release says only “Saturday night.” The unions’ strike paper, the Pittsburgh Union-Progress, hasn’t published a story of its own yet. (Update: This story went up early Monday afternoon.) The guild calls what they were doing “picketing”; the Post-Gazette calls it “harassing.”

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