Quipp-Gripp III in Texas; Inserter for Sing Tao

By: E&P Staff Miami-based Quipp Inc. announced the first buyer of its new Quipp-Gripp III positive-control conveyor and the recent sale of an In-Line inserter.

The single-gripper Quipp-Gripp III is designed for high press speeds, accurate product counts, online inserting, easy split streams, and delivery to multiple locations, while maximizing use of floor space and minimizing storage requirements.

The microprocessor-controlled Quipp-Gripp III holds broadsheets ranging from four to 160 pages. A laser sensor detects each copy and signals the system controller to synchronize grippers with papers. Built-in diagnostics identify and remember grippers that may malfunction. When detected, they are automatically directed to an inspection station for maintenance. The controller constantly tracks all grippers' locations and can immediately divert their loads to any destination.

The closed-loop AC drive offers stable torque at low speeds, digital position and speed control for repeatability, and automatic load sharing between tractor drives. Software relies on Allen-Bradley programmable logic control and a PC-based touch-screen operator interface.

Cox Newspapers' 28,848-circulation Longview (Texas) News-Journal is first too buy the Quipp-Gripp III, for installation off its Dauphin Graphic Machines folders, where it is expected to improve product quality by eliminating a vertical belt conveyor, which causes offset marking on the product.

Two lines of Quipp-Gripp III will deliver products from the folder deliveries to existing horizontal conveyors, which will transport to stacking positions. Installation starts early this summer.

Also to be installed this summer is a six-hopper (5-into-1) In-Line inserter for Sing Tao Daily. The inserter's patented head technology is designed to handle a wide variety of insert sizes with minimal set-up changes. The San Francisco-based Chinese-language paper has for years run Quipp's stackers, wrappers, and Twin-Trak conveyor systems.


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