Raw Story reporter stalked by Nazis exposes plot by nationwide Nazi youth network


WASHINGTON — Raw Story today revealed how a neo-Nazi organization led by teenagers has launched a multi-state campaign of violence aimed at Jews, African Americans, LGBTQ+ people and leftists.

The organization, known as 2119, aspires to even greater acts of terror, Raw Story reports in a 6,500-word investigative article headlined “Inside the neo-Nazi hate network grooming children for a race war.”

The four-month investigation is accompanied by a first-person account by its author, Raw Story reporter Jordan Green, of how neo-Nazis and other extremists have attempted to stop him from pursuing and publishing information about 2119.

“Green unearthed shocking, essential truths about dangerous extremists at significant personal risk,” said Dave Levinthal, editor-in-chief of Raw Story, the nation’s largest independently owned progressive news website. “His reporting today underscores the power — and peril — of independent, investigative journalism at a time when press freedoms are under constant attack and fascist ideologies creep into the mainstream.”

Extremists’ actions against Green include death threats, online doxxing and visiting his house earlier this month dressed in skull masks and holding burning flares.

As Green writes in “Stalked by Nazis: How extremists tried to stop me from reporting on their violence," the threats white supremacists have directed at him “would become ever more extreme — and strange.

“The experience was unsettling, but their efforts at intimidation only confirmed in my mind that we had a story that was worth telling,” Green writes.

Green’s ordeal in exposing a violent neo-Nazi group are emblematic of dangers journalists across the nation face while exposing wrongdoing, from corruption in government to plotting by hate groups.

A second Raw Story article about the Nazi youth network to be published Feb. 21 explores the roles parents play in the lives of 2119 members.

Raw Story celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. The site significantly expanded its investigative and original reporting team in 2023, redoubling its commitment to journalism focused on domestic extremism, political malfeasance and government accountability.

“Violent extremists threaten our freedoms and the very foundation of democracy,” said Raw Story CEO and founder John Byrne. “The nation is a better place because of Jordan Green’s courageous reporting. Raw Story is proud to support journalism that matters.”

In August, Raw Story filed a federal Freedom of Information Act lawsuitagainst the Navy and U.S. Department of Defense following the agencies’ refusal to release records related to a former U.S. Marine and avowed neo-Nazi.

Green, who joined Raw Story in 2021, reports on extremism full-time and has regularly broken national news stories. Last year, he won a Folio Award from the Fair Media Council for his investigative reporting on extremism in America.

Green revealed that a Marine Corps veteran and former defense contractor facing prosecution for his role in a neo-Nazi terror plot is suspected by the government of mishandling classified documents.

He also reported that a former soldier convicted of distributing bomb-making instructions and advocating for the assassination of former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) menaced a drag show at an LGBTQ community center in North Carolina.

Green’s reporting on the January 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol ranks as among the most incisive in the nation. On the morning of the Jan. 6 attack, Green wrote an article headlined “We’re gonna kill Congress.” As Editor & Publisher later noted, Green’s story predicted “exactly what would happen on that fateful day.”

Contact: Editor-in-Chief Dave Levinthal, levinthal@rawstory.com


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