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By: Mark Fitzgerald Chicago Tribune uses database marketer to produce a program
that helps advertisers reach movers before they actually move sp.

Advertisers like people who are about to move into a new house: New movers are big buyers looking for places to shop.
And circulation managers like new movers, too: They are great home-delivery prospects.
But how do advertisers or newspapers reach new movers?
At the Chicago Tribune, the answer lay in an increasingly familiar strategy: leveraging editorial capability to create more information about readers.
Using a program developed by a California database marketer, the Tribune created a new movers program that allows the paper to reach this niche in a far more timely and efficient way than direct mail competitors.
With its program, for example, the Tribune can reach new movers before they have actually moved.
By contrast, new mover programs from direct mailers typically reach this niche three to six weeks after they have moved.
"Newspapers often know in advance when people are going to move ? and that is information no one else has," said Paulette Wilhelmy, vice president of client services for the Mowry Company, the Long Beach, Calif.-based firm that developed the Tribune program.
At the Tribune, future movers are identified by offering a booklet of tips on moving.
New movers can also be identified through circulation stop requests and other internal ways.
Through focus groups, research, internal data searches and the like, the newspaper tries to maximize the information it has about new movers ? information of great interest to advertisers.
Once identified, new movers are sent a high-quality co-op direct mail package including the booklet, offers from advertisers and a Tribune home-delivery offer.

DATE: Sat 24-Spt-1994
PUBLICATION: Editor & Publisher
CATEGORY: Clarification
SUBJECT: Paulette Wilhemly
AUTHOR: Editorial Staff


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Clarification p. 7

AN AUG. 27 E&P article reporting on a speech at this summer's Nexpo by Mowry Company vice president for client services Paulette Wilhelmy may have given a misleading impression about the Chicago Tribune's marketing program aimed at people who have moved into a new home.
The article correctly reported that the Tribune program identifies new movers through circulation stop requests and other means and uses research, focus groups and internal data searches to maximize its information about this marketing niche. It noted the newspaper offers those who have moved into a new home a direct mail package that includes a Tribune home delivery offer, as well as coupons from other advertisers.
However, the Tribune program does not employ other elements recommended by Mowry, such as a house ad campaign that attempts to identify people before they have moved by offering a booklet on tips for moving.


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