The J-School Beat


This month, we introduce a new voice to E&P — Reanne White. Reanne is a junior at the University of South Florida and is E&P's first intern. She is helping us with several projects, including social media, where she absolutely shines. Reanne's major is Integrated Public Relations and Marketing. Upon completing her bachelor's degree, she wants to further her studies at the University of South Florida to achieve a master's degree in Advertising & Mass Communications. Reanne told E&P, “During this time, I would also like to continue my path in the professional world, hoping to make a positive impact on a company's development through innovative digital marketing and journalism techniques.”

During her internship, Reanne will also be helping us start a column entitled “The J-School Beat” featuring journalism students across the country and their ideas about the future of journalism, the industry and their hopes of making an impact in our world. To start this column, E&P asked Reanne to give us her answers to a couple of those questions.

E&P: What's the most practical lesson you've learned during your studies — a lesson you'll take with you out into the field?

Reanne: “Throughout the years of my academic journey, I have learned many skills and lessons that have benefitted me in my academic path and my personal and professional experiences. However, what I deem to be the biggest takeaway is the desire to take risks. Life does not reward mediocrity. In the past few years, I have developed from a timid caterpillar in her cocoon to a courageous butterfly who isn’t afraid to spread her wings and indulge in new experiences. Developing the courage to push the stumbling blocks between myself and success has allowed me to achieve goals I once thought were impossible. Taking this mindset into the field of journalism will encourage me to create an environment where I can motivate myself and others to learn and experience new frontiers while pushing beyond limits.”

E&P: What's your most significant concern about the future of journalism as you embark on your career in the field?

Reanne: “The rapid increase of the use of social media platforms and advancements in technology have significantly impacted today's world both positively and negatively. While social media serves as an empowering platform where people can exchange information and share opinions, it has also opened a window for spreading false information, slander and malicious content that often attracts users' attention. As a result, journalism can be overlooked due to decreased interest and loss of trust. With this drastic shift to a digital environment, I believe that funding for journalism may eventually dwindle.”

E&P: We hope your belief doesn’t come to fruition, Reanne, but we appreciate your honesty and believe that only with intelligent, open and hard-working young adults like you will our industry, the field of journalism and the entire world will survive and prosper.


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