Sansui Software Exhibits at IFRA as Mediawide Inc., Emphasizes Focus on New-Media Technologies

By: E&P Staff Sansui Software set up at IFRA 2009 this week as Mediawide Inc., reflecting its increasing focus on new-media technologies. Based in Pune, India, the company has an international office in Gloucester, England.

Mediawide President Ravi Dugal (E&P, April 7, 2003) said the company was founded 12 years ago, early in newspapers? Web-publishing efforts, for ?publishers who wanted more accessible and distributed ways of creating pages for print.?

Today, however, Mediaware solutions have a Service Oriented Architecture with Web Services software development, and it develops applications for animated banner ads and automated creations of e-catalogs.

Besides its display ad and editorial applications, Mediawide offers a range of advertising workflow modules, from online booking and payment to preflighting images to managing change requests from self-service advertisers. Its Web Serivces software development kit enables integration of the modules with existing self-service ad portals, third-party booking and back-office systems


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