Saxotech Releases Mediaware Center 6.5.0

By: E&P Staff Tampa-based Saxotech has released its Mediaware Center version 6.5.0. The platform provides tools to plan and manage content to best serve each publishing channel, boosting productivity by managing each new story in the same system from conception through delivery.

Incorporating innovations driven by collaboration with customers, the new release also includes maintenance updates for better channel-based workflow that now combines planning with all the new Web features and layout-driven production tools in one efficient workflow.

The new Mediaware Center version's multi-page zoning enables zoining of multiple articles to multiple pages from one dialog. A "master article overview" panel can be added to the workbench to show the entire "zone family" when a zoned article is selected in the article list.

Now integrated with the Saxotech Mediaware Center isw Saxotech InterConnect, a Web-based content-sharing portal for use by different newspapers. A flexible product with open APIs, it also can be used with other systems.

With improved Saxotech Online integration, all tools available in the same interface and workflow increase reporters' productivity while providing other users with the needed overview.

Additional features include an embedded browser, e-mail notification, saved searches, improved search, and auto categorization.


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