Series on Captivity by Rohde of 'NYT' Starts Saturday

By: E&P Staff The New York Times revealed late Friday that it will start publishing a five-part series of articles (plus videos on the Web) by reporter David Rohde on his seven months as a prisoner of the Taliban in Pakistan.

Rohde was kidnapped with his associate, an Afghan journalist, Tahir Luddin, and their driver, Asad Mangal, on Nov. 10, 2008. They were traveling to interview a Taliban commander outside Kabul, Afghanistan.

"The reports are based on Mr. Rohde?s recollections and, where possible, records kept by his family and colleagues," the Times announced. "For safety reasons, certain names and details will be withheld."

An excerpt from the first article, not yet online:

"I felt the car swerve to the right and stop. Two gunmen ran toward our car shouting commands in Pashto, the local language. The gunmen opened both front doors and order Tahir and Asad to move to the back seat.

"Tahir shouted at the men in Pashto as the car sped down the road. I recognized the words 'journalists' and 'Abu Tayyeb' and nothing else. The man in the front passenger seat shouted something back and waved his gun menacingly. He was small, with dark hair and a short beard. He seemed nervous and belligerent."


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