Sorry About the Late Delivery. How About an Ice Cream Cone?

By: E&P Staff When the Sunday edition of The Montana Standard was delivered late earlier this month, Publisher Randy Rickman didn?t just apologize in a note to readers -- he bought them ice cream cones at two Dairy Queen stores in Butte.

The daily experienced electrical problems in its Butte mailroom over the weekend of Aug. 1-2. ?That's bad news for our publication any time, but especially on Sunday,? wrote Rickman, who said the problem was traced to a loose wire and a six-amp fuse.

?As a token of our appreciation for your continued support, we would like to make today a little sweeter for you,? he wrote. ?We've arranged for FREE ice cream cones for the first 700 readers who take this letter to either Dairy Queen location in Butte on Sunday only.?

Those who showed up late weren?t totally left out. ?When the free cones run out, Dairy Queen has agreed to offer a buy one, get one free ice cream cone special for the rest of the day,? Rickman assured readers.


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