Spot.Us Research Used in 'NYT' Pollution Story Tuesday

By: Joe Strupp A story in The New York Times Tuesday about pollution patches in the Pacific Ocean used research funded in part through, which raises donations for use in journalism projects.

A announcement of the story states that some 900 people have funded more than 35 projects on Spot.Us, with an average donation of about $40. It adds that the Times story by freelancer Lindsey Hoshaw, "Afloat in the Ocean, Expanding Isles of Trash," utilized about $10,000 from more than 100 donors that helped defer costs for her month-long research trip.

"My hat is off to The New York Times. They interfaced with Spot.Us as if they were a lean, mean start-up," founder David Cohn said in a statement. "It is a testament to why the New York Times is not just the paper of record, but also leading the charge into the digital future."


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