'St. Louis Beacon' Awarded Grants for Health Reporting

By: E&P Staff The St. Louis (Mo.) Beacon, a nonprofit online news publication, announced Monday that it had received two grants to help it enhance its health reporting over the next year. The Missouri Foundation for Health awarded the Beacon a $100,000 grant, while the Dennis A. Hunt Fund for Health Journalism gave reporter Bob Joiner a $7,000 grant.

The $100,000 grant will go to fund a health reporter, news technology and research support. The grant awarded to Joiner will fund his reporting on local health issues primarily affecting minorities, especially infant mortality, sexually transmitted diseases, obesity-related health problems and lead poisoning.

The Beacon has a history of in-depth health reporting. In October, it published a five part in-depth series on the history of health care in America, which was later printed in the Columbia (Mo.) Tribune over the course of five days. The grant from the Missouri Foundation for Health funded part of the reporting for that story.

The two grants will be used to enhance reporting for the Beacon?s yearlong project that combines events, in-depth reports and video pieces, ?Race, Frankly.? The project is in partnership with the Missouri History Museum and KETC/Channel 9 television station, and is appearing on the Beacon?s Web site as well as in the Museum?s exhibit ?Race: Are We So Different?? which opens in January 2010.

"Knowing that foundations respect and support the type of reporting we aim to do -- deep dives on community specific issues enhanced by partnerships with other mediums and organizations -- is encouraging," Nicole Hollway, the Beacon's general manager, said in a statement.


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