Staffers: Washington Times Future is Unclear

By: Patrick Tutwiler | Fishbowl DC

The newsroom at The Washington Times is suffering from low morale and a pervading sense of confusion about the future of the organization, say current and former employees—all of whom requested anonymity to speak freely. Over the course of many interviews, including several with employees who were let go during the most recent re-org, a complicated picture emerges: TWT is now a fraction of the size it used to be, with only around 30 newsroom staff, less than half of whom are actual reporters. There is talk from the top of big profits last year and of a New Media-driven renaissance in the next, but the rank and file are anything but inspired. Some are angry, some are hopeful, and some are just keeping their heads down. What can’t be denied is that no one knows what will happen next -no one, that is, except for editor John Solomon.


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