Standard color test images now available on CD-rom p.28C

By: Editorial Staff NPES, THE RESTON, Va.-based association of printing and publishing suppliers, is distributing what it says is the first international standard color test images for the graphic arts on CD-ROM.
The CD carries standard color image data (SCID) for prepress digital data exchange. It is available for $100 for members, $125 for nonmembers.
"It's a standard set of images that can be used to test a print run, or characteristics of a print run," said NPES spokeswoman Mary Abbott.
The standard was developed by the graphic arts committee of the International Organization for Standardization, known as ISO, and includes digital CMYK images recorded in TIFF files.
There are eight natural images, allowing subjective evaluation, and 10 test objects, for measurement and analytical comparison.
"The standard will provide a common file format that software and hardware manufacturers will use to develop interfaces for new and existing systems, enabling users to read and to translate information from the common file format," said Jim Tubay, print quality manager at TV Guide.
"This standard will allow advertisers, ad agencies, prepress suppliers, publishers and printers to prepare, process and print advertisements more accurately and consistently than they ever have before and without the extended dialogue, hassle, and problems of the past," he said.
Images on the CD were included in a printing form used to test SWOP (specifications for web offset publications) standards at the Drupa printing trade show in D?sseldorf, Germany, earlier this year.


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