'Star Tribune' of Minneapolis Rescinds AP Cancellation

By: Joe Strupp The Star Tribune of Minneapolis is the latest daily newspaper to rescind its cancellation of its Associated Press membership, according to a memo from Editor Nancy Barnes to staffers today.

"As many of you know, we gave AP a cancellation notice more than a year ago. We will be rescinding that notice, but when we sign with AP, it will be for a more limited service," the memo stated. "It is our intent to experiment with that for a while, and see if it is sufficient when combined with our other premium wire services, such as the New York Times, WSJ and the Washington Post. We have flexibility to change if we need to."

About 50 newspapers that had given notices of cancellation to AP in the past two years have rescinded those notices in recent months, Paul Colford, AP director of media relations, told E&P last month.

"We are pleased and gratified by these members' decisions," Colford said at the time. About 130 newspapers remained under cancellation notice at that time, however.

Among other papers that have rescinded cancellations are the Daily News of New York and The Post Register of Idaho Falls.

AP revealed in April that about 180 member newspapers had filed notices in the past two years to leave the AP. Many had cited a new rate structure, while others complained about different aspects of coverage.

But since April, when AP announced a revised fee structure with further savings, at least 50 papers have rescinded those cancellations, many stating they were satisfied with the new fee structure put in place this year, and other fee changes announced for 2010.


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