StreamFold Heralds a Technological Leap Forwards

By: Press Release | Ferag

At Nya Wermlands-Tidningen in Karlstad, production has been running on the same Ferag system since 1996, which speaks volumes for the quality of the engineering. But the fact that, even after 17 years, a technical upgrade is still possible using the latest generation of Ferag components, is of even greater value. Between October and November 2013, the old technology in the all-important quarterfold area was set for an update with a StreamFold quarterfold line, a MultiStack compensating stacker and the Navigator control.

Managing Director Mats Muregård talks of a strong upward trend for business with newspaper products over recent years. In addition to inserting production, quarterfold processing has experienced above-average growth, with the existing quarterfold system with its maximum output of 10,000 copies an hour rapidly coming up against its limits. With a single StreamFold line it is now possible to boost net output by a multiple factor and at the same time achieve disproportionately higher production security. Bearing in mind later updates, this variant offered the opportunity to take a technological leap forwards in conveyor technology, bundling and line control as well. The decision in favour of Ferag was therefore obvious. Integration of StreamFold has been planned so that the quarterfold line can be fed off existing TTR conveyor technology from two folder deliveries. The connection between the StreamFold outlet and the MultiStack compensating stacker will now be secured via a UTR conveyor system.

By selecting the Ferag solution, Nya Wermlands-Tidningen is continuing its policy of secure investment. The new production technology and the Navigator control mark the start of a complete replacement of the 17-year-old system at a later date.  


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