Supermarket tab runs gory murder scene photos p. 10

By: Dorothy Giobbe DURING THE LAST 18 months, newspapers of every size and shape have been tripping over themselves in a frenzied attempt to break exclusives on the Simpson murder trial.
Ultimately, though, the biggest coup of all may go to the supermarket tabloid Globe, which last week published photos of the victims that allegedly were taken at the Bundy Drive crime scene. The authenticity of the photos has not been challenged.
During the trial, the photos were censored by Judge Ito because of their graphic nature, but some newspaper publishers said they wouldn't touch the photos, despite the attention that might have come with being the first to run them.
"Not for the Squeamish"" warns the cover of the Globe. Inside, the bodies are shown caked and soaked in blood, lying prone on the pavement. The gaping knife wound that severed Nicole Simpson's throat is covered with a black band.
But why-having already made the decision to publish the gruesome photos-did the Globe hide the throat wound? Was it done out of asudden concern for the delicate sensibilities of the Globe's readership?
"If you could see what was underneath that box, you would understand, "" said Terry Raskyn, a vice president of Globe Communications Corp.
""It's that bad.""
Raskyn added that the Globe was offered a selection of photos from its source, and chose to print""the less gory ones.""
"Of course we debated this decision,"" Raskyn said. ""It boiled down to the fact that we felt these photos were newsworthy. They demonstrate what the focus of this trial is and should have been: the murder of these two people. That focus has been diverted to everything from Furman to Columbian drug dealers. We wanted to bring it back to the murders.""
?(Would O.J. Simpson be found guilty or innocent? Your answer was left to each reader's perspective of the trial. That apparently was the thought behind this now-he-is-now-he-isn't front page of the Philadelphia Daily News which ran Oct.3, the morning of the not guilty verdict in the sensational double-murder trial) [Photo & Caption]
?(The fiercely competitive New York Post and New York Daily News announced the trial verdict on Oct. 5 by running the same Associated Press photo and headline on their front page. The Post also published an extra edition on Oct. 4) [Photo & Caption]
?(Reporters covering the O.J. trial-in the courthouse pressroom and outside the courthouse entrance.) [Photo & Caption]


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