Taking bilingual collaboration statewide

How a New Jersey program brings hundreds of local Spanish-language stories to audiences


As language barriers persist in 2024, New Jersey's translation collaboration may inspire you.  Initiated as a pilot serving a few partners, the program now engages 12 outlets in bringing hundreds of locally resonant stories to Spanish-language readers in the state.

The key rests in commitment to inclusive information access and meeting demonstrated public needs. Spanish-dominant Latinos, partners acknowledged, lacked translated offerings on pressing issues from health to housing, risking marginalization and misinformation spread.  Dedicated publishers centered trust, slowly multiplied partners, and saw gains in scope and impact.

For public media seeking to engage Spanish-language communities, insights here shine through the challenges. What’s more, growth can multiply with consistent relationship and trust building among partners. As you’ll learn, patience in regularly communicating needs, as well as targeting issues affecting marginalized groups, can deliver results.

For this OIGO, I spoke with Anthony Advincula, the ethnic and community media coordinator at the Center for Cooperative Media at Montclair State University. He leads up the New Jersey News Commons Spanish Translation News Service.

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