Texas Weekly Accidently Runs Profane Ad

By: Joe Strupp Staffers at the Pottsboro (Texas) Press apparently didn't read all of the ad copy for the Oct. 15 edition of the weekly paper. If they had, they might have caught the profane advertisement that appeared on page 5, according to KXII TV.

Publisher Frank Alvarez told the station that the ad was not supposed to run as it did. It appeared to be an anti-drug public service announcement, but contained several expletives.

Alvarez told the TV station that the ad's inclusion was "simply a mistake, and the profanity was accidentally overlooked." He added that the paper receives similar ads by e-mail all the time, and has worked with the company who sent in this particular ad several times before with no problems.

Alvarez said the paper planned an apology in the next edition, which comes out Thursday.


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