The power of listening: How Louisville Public Media shifted from making news about Black people to making it for and with them


Here’s an idea to steal and adapt: Understand your opportunities for audience growth through research, experimentation and listening. Change your reporting process to focus more on making news for and with local Black communities instead of just about them. At the same time, grow awareness through marketing and outreach, and leverage partnerships to expand your reach and understanding as well as to build trust.

Q: What problem were you trying to solve, and why was solving the problem strategically important for your organization?

A: We can’t continue to grow by serving only the “typical” public media audience. Not only is it counter to our public service mission, but to be sustainable long-term, we must add audience members. A larger, more diverse audience will drive membership conversion, enabling us to continue expanding our service to meet community needs. A big part of this is knowing that we must better serve Black and Latino residents in our community. We must spread awareness for our growing newsroom and especially our digital products to meet more people where they are and where they need us to be.

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